Often asked: Who Makes Wagon Wheels Biscuits?

What company makes Wagon Wheels?

In the United Kingdom Wagon Wheels are produced and distributed by Burton’s Foods who separated from the Weston family connection when they were sold out of Associated British Foods in 2000.

Where are Wagon Wheels biscuits made?

Llantarnam in south Wales is the current home of Burton’s Biscuits factory, well-known for making the world famous Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels.

What biscuits are used in Wagon Wheels?

What are Wagon Wheels? This iconic Australian chocolate biscuit consists of two shortbread biscuits sandwiched between a raspberry jam and marshmallow filling and then covered in a glossy chocolate coating.

Did Wagon Wheels use jam?

Oh, and the original Wagon Wheel didn’t have any jam in it – simply marshmallow – but has evolved to have a layer of jam spread on the bottom biscuit, under the mallow filling.

Do Wagon Wheels contain egg?

Contains Eggs, Contains Milk, Contains Soya, Contains Wheat.

Are moon pies the same as Wagon Wheels?

What makes MoonPies special? Wagon Wheels are available internationally and feature a similar profile to the MoonPie, but they were “invented” long after the Southern favorite, in 1948. Choco Pies are popular in South Korea, but they were directly inspired by the MoonPie.

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What do Burtons biscuits make?

Our expertise spans across a wide range of sweet and savoury biscuit types, from cookies to chocolate biscuits, shortbread to jam sandwiches, cheesy baked bites to flatbreads – to name but a few.

Who owns Burton’s biscuits?

I’m sure everyone knows Wagon Wheels aren’t vegan, but something that I only recently found out is that they’re not even vegetarian as the marshmallow layer contains gelatine. That’s why it’s so important to read the labels on the food we eat. You just have no idea what you might find hiding in there!

What are Wagon Wheels called in America?

There are many names for and versions of Wagon Wheels – the Americans call them moon pie and the Koreans have their version, choco pie. Whatever its name, it is a delicious, rich chocolate snack that has kept me a happy child for many years.

What was the original size of a wagon wheel biscuit?

you might remember the Wagon Wheels of the 80s or before. Sometime during the 80s they saw their first reduction from a 79mm width to a 74mm width. Following this, they shrunk again sometime between their 2006 weight of 41g and today’s weight of 36g.

Are disc Chockies real?

A Disc Chockey is a fictional dessert in The InBESTigators.

How big is a Wagon Wheel Pizza?

18 to 20 INCH pizza.,.

What Flavour is the jam in a wagon wheel?

A strawberry-flavoured one (with pink icing), and a white chocolate one, were available in Australia, but they were dropped as they were not popular. One with jam accompanying the mallow is sold in Australia, the UK, Canada and in Ireland. In Australia, the jam is described as “apple and plum” jam.

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Can you get Wagon Wheels in America?

In America they call them Moon Pies, and in England we call them Wagon Wheels.. But whatever name they go by I think we can all agree they are delicious!

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